Copeley Capital


EMS Management & Consultants, Inc. is a leading provider of outsourced billing and revenue cycle management services to over 200 emergency medical service providers throughout the U.S.


OnSight Industries, LLC is a provider of signage, site furnishings and mailbox solutions to the new home and multi-family building industries.

Your Partner
for the Long Term

We invest our own capital in our companies which allows us to avoid the external pressures that often come with managing capital for outside investors. Our unique capital base and long-term approach provides us and our management teams with a true alignment of interests and absolute flexibility.

Helping to build market-leading businesses that stand the test of time.

Our Companies First

The success of our companies is our top priority. By funding each of our investments personally, we’re able to focus on supporting our management teams to create lasting value while avoiding the external priorities that are often associated with outside investors and fund cycles. Our firm strategy, culture and funding model are all tied to the simple goal of partnering with exceptional teams to create long-term value at each of our companies.

Accelerating Growth

Our experience working with different businesses over the past 20 years provides us with a planning framework and professional network to support our teams' growth plans. We have assisted our companies in areas such as go-to-market strategy, risk management and acquisitions, as well as by assisting our teams in recruiting managerial talent. Our ownership philosophy emphasizes empowering our teams to create lasting value while remaining close enough to our companies to serve as a resource during both good times and bad.

Operational Excellence

We invest not only our own capital, but our resources and people with the goal of making our companies not only bigger, but better at what they do. Our commitment to our companies includes leveraging our operating experience to support our companies in finding ways to improve operational performance in areas such as supply chain management and operational reporting. An important first step in our approach is putting a sensible and flexible capital structure in place so that our management teams can focus on achieving operational gains throughout economic cycles.

Growth Via Acquisition

In addition to pursuing organic growth, our companies have acquired other businesses that provide clear economic and competitive synergies. In some cases, our team's business strategy includes an acquisition program from day one while, in other cases, it evolves over time. We have often served as a corporate development arm for our companies by identifying and structuring acquisitions as well as helping develop an integration plan.